PROJECT K is a community consisting of like-minded humans interested in KINDNESS. We believe KINDNESS is the key to the future, and we use it as the driving force behind our creativity, our growth, and our community. PROJECT K is also a platform for KINDNESS-based drops and collaborations, the first of which are found below. Your first step to joining PROJECT K is to collect a TOKEN OF KINDNESS...

token of kindness

A generative TOKEN and your key to the Project K community, consisting of 1000 unique tokens, the TOKEN OF KINDNESS comes with a unique mechanism that allows it to be duplicated and sent to a friend, or “PAID FORWARD.”

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of all proceeds go tokindness.org
We are thrilled to partner with and will be donating 50% of the profits to KINDNESS.ORG. This will assist in their mission of researching kindness and developing partnerships around the globe that activate and raise awareness for more kindness to be brought to the forefront of society.
did you know you can share your token?
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And Counting
TOKEN OF KINDNESS (TOK) comes with a unique mechanism that allows it to be duplicated and sent to a friend, or “PAID FORWARD.” Keeping in mind that your minted TOK is one of a kind, the objective is to share your token with as many friends as you can, and together we will spread as much KINDNESS as possible.
token of love
There are 99 unique TOKENS OF LOVE. They are all 1/1s that are not able to be shared, instead they are to be cherished and safeguarded, with utility to be revealed in the future. The TOKEN OF LOVE is reward token that will be given to the first unique 99 TOKEN OF KINDNESS holders.
Token Preview
acts of kindness
Four 1/1 NFTs designed to illustrate and reiterate the importance of KINDNESS through a semi-abstract narrative about our heroic character called ANYONE. These 4 NFTS will be available for auction on FOUNDATION beginning NOV 13th 1PM EDT.FOUNDATION.
In the world at large, there is plenty of pain, fear, worry, and sadness. We know how valuable kindness is to humanity and we have never needed it like we do now. We see the blockchain as yet another place to spread kindness, reach more hearts, and change more lives.
So you’re donating 50% to KINDNESS.ORG?
Yes, 50% of the entire PROJECT K will be donated to KINDNESS.ORG to assist in their mission of researching kindness and developing partnerships around the globe that activate and raise awareness for more kindness to be brought to the forefront of society.
I don’t get it, I can share my TOKEN OF KINDNESS
Yes, once minted, you will have power to share it with a friend. Essentially, you’ll be creating a copy of your own, and sending it to your friend.
How do I share my TOKEN OF KINDNESS?
There will be a PAY IT FORWARD section activated on the website once minting has begun to share your TOKEN OF KINDNESS. It is the ONLY place to use this feature.
What if I transfer or send my TOKEN OF KINDNESS to another wallet or friend?
If you send your TOKEN OF KINDNESS directly from your wallet to a friend’s or sell it on the secondary market, the sharing mechanism WILL NOT work. It ONLY works from the PAY IT FORWARD section of the website. However, once it is transferred or sold, the recipient can choose to share it in just the same way.
Why should I share my token? Do I have to?
You absolutely do not have to share it! You can keep it forever, or sell it on the secondary market. The reason to share it is that you want to share something special with a friend!
If I share my tokens more times than others, will I have a greater chance of getting the TOKEN OF LOVE?
No, holding one TOKEN OF KINDNESS is all you need to qualify for the TOKEN OF LOVE raffle. It doesn’t matter if you minted it, or received it from a friend.
How many raffle tickets can I acquire?
Every wallet that holds AT LEAST ONE token is eligible for one raffle ticket.
What is the difference between TOKEN OF KINDNESS and TOKEN OF LOVE?
The TOKEN OF KINDNESS is the 10K piece generative token. You can mint one, or receive one from a friend. The TOKEN OF LOVE is a reward token that will be awarded randomly to 99 TOKEN OF KINDNESS holders at a future date.
When will the TOKENs OF LOVE be awarded?
At a surprise time / date in the near future.
Have the TOKENS OF LOVE been created already?
Yes, there are 99 1/1 TOKENS OF LOVE. They all are awaiting the date / time to be awarded
Can I keep sharing my TOKEN OF KINDNESS with as many people as I choose?
Yes, you can share as much as you like until the function is turned off and the TOKENS OF LOVE are awarded.
Do I have to pay gas fees each time I share a TOKEN OF KINDNESS?
Yes, you will have to pay the gas fees. We recognize that sometimes PAYING IT FORWARD does incur a small cost but acts of KINDNESS are invaluable, and we hope you’re willing to do so in order to share with someone you love.
Will the value of my token go down if I share it?
We can’t say for sure. The goal of the project is to share and spread KINDNESS through the use of this unique token / mechanism. We have heard a rumor that there will be future value / reward for sharing it, aside from the chance to receive the ultra-rare TOKEN OF LOVE. 👀
Do you have a DISCORD?
Yes! Connect here
The Collaboration
The universe brought Jason and Mancel together in the summer of 2021. With roots in the creative industry and a shared passion for kindness, they found synergy in the desire to bring these vibes into the NFT space. Observing a void of kindness as a theme in NFT art, they developed Project K in collaboration with KINDNESS.ORG as an opportunity to bring love and kindness onto the blockchain. They are excited to start this revolution.

About Jason

Jason Naylor is an award-winning artist, muralist, and author based in Brooklyn, New York. His work crafts a technicolor campaign celebrating messages of radical joy and resilient positivity. Audiences around the world love Jason’s artwork for its potent combination of vivid hues and dynamic designs. He has received global recognition from the likes of The Art Directors Club and Bowery Awards, he holds 2 Clio Bronze Medals, and is a Golden Novum Design Award recipient. His work has been featured in numerous publications ranging from Print Magazine to Street Art United States. In 2018, BUMBLE named Jason one of the 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers. His creations have graced partnerships with Coach, Pepsi, Guess, XBOX, Maybelline and more.

About Mancel

Mancel Lindsey is an artist, 3D artist, and animator based in St. Petersburg, Florida. His work seeks to answer the unanswerable questions that permeate our collective consciousness. He is passionate about the intersection of the physical and digital. He fervently explores the foundational truths of existence, singularities, nothingness, and time. Poetry is Mancel’s favorite pairing for visual art. It gives the viewer a singular focus for which to set their mind while exploring, therefore becoming the artwork itself, no less than the brush strokes or moving pixels it represents. Mancel works at the very edge where technology and consciousness live. For Mancel, creating is existing and he aims to create what he wants to exist.

KINDNESS.ORG uses science to unlock the power and potential of humanity's greatest asset: kindness. They’re a research-led nonprofit dedicated to educating and inspiring people to choose kindness first. Through their research hub, Kindlab, they investigate the costs and benefits of kindness, and the role it can play in solving modern problems. Using these learnings, they create action-based products and programs to bring effective kindness to schools, communities, and workplaces around the world. Their flagship program, Learn Kind, is an inquiry-based kindness and social-emotional learning curriculum that helps students in K-8 grade classrooms experience the impacts of kindness firsthand. Launched in 2020, Learn Kind has served more than 38,000 students around the world - and more every day. Everything they do is in service of their vision of a world where kindness is at the forefront of human interaction.